How to Clean Carpet Like a Pro?

How to Clean Carpet Like a Pro

Do you want to clean your carpet yourself? Clean Carpet Like a Pro? Don’t know how to do that? Even though your carpet has a stain guard, it needs a deep cleaning every now and then. If you have a light-coloured carpet, have kids or pets, or your carpet is located in high foot traffic areas, then you might have to clean your carpet frequently.

Here we have given a few tips, which you can follow to clean your carpet like a pro.

Examine the carpet to identify the problems you have to fix:

Before trying to eliminate any stain or dirt from the carpet, you should know what kind of stain you have to deal with. That ensures you wouldn’t add any damage to the stained carpet.

Loosen up the dirt:

You may wish to jump directly to the last step and want to get the carpet cleaning done at the earliest. However, if you wish to achieve a satisfying outcome, cutting the cleaning procedure won’t help you. Rather get a stiff brush for loosening up the dirt in the carpet.

Use your vacuum:

As you have already removed the loosen up dirt and hairs from the carpet, so now it’s time to use your vacuum before steam cleaning. Be certain that you vacuum from one side to another in order to avoid overlapping, as well as dragging dust back to the cleaned area.

Clean the spots:

In case you’ve identified the stains/spots, then you should use the right cleaning solutions to eliminate them. However, if you’re clueless about what cleaning agent you should use, then it is good to ask the professional carpet cleaners. They will suggest you the best stain remover depending on your carpet’s fabric.

Steam clean or shampoo and deodorise the carpet:

After you clean the spots, you can steam clean or shampoo the carpet. But remember that not all carpets can be shampooed or not all carpet cleaners have steam cleaning capability. So, make sure you clean your carpet keeping these points in mind. However, apart from steam cleaning or shampooing, deodorising is a must because deodorising eradicates the mouldy smell made by a dingy carpet.

Time to dry the carpet:

Turn on your ventilation fan and open your windows. Proper air circulation is essential to the carpet drying process. Avoid walking on the carpet if it is not dried completely to avoid fresh stains.

Following these steps, you can clean your carpet like an expert.

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