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Carpet Cleaning Ringwood (CCR) is one of the leading carpet cleaning companies. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning and provide top-class cleaning services.

Whenever it comes to effectual carpet cleaning, being a professional, we know how significant your health is. That’s why we use only industrial-grade, kids, pets, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. It is made to blast through the roughest of stains and removes bacteria & mould, leaving your house or office smelling fresh.

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Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service

If you are looking for a last-minute or same day carpet cleaning service in Ringwood, Melbourne, look no further than CCR (Carpet Cleaners Ringwood). Feel free to ask further about our same day carpet cleaning or last-minute cleaning service at 0451115551.

Say Goodbye to Your Stress

Now the time has come to say goodbye to your stress. Just look for the best carpet cleaning companies near you, read their client testimonials and compare the price to find a great cleaning deal. A professional carpet cleaner helps you to remove all stains and dirt from your carpet and make you stress-free.

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    Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Company

    Here are some benefits you will get when hiring a professional cleaning company like "Carpet Cleaning Ringwood" rather than any other company.

    No Hidden Charges! No Drama! No Gimmicks!

    A job is done well with no hidden charges, no drama, & no gimmicks. We comprehend that being in our client’s house is an honour, so we are quite respectful in the manner we approach the carpet cleaning procedure.

    Pre Inspection

    While our professionally trained carpet cleaners arrive at your place. They carry out thorough pre-inspection, as well as a walk-through & along with you in order to address any area of concern, which you might have. Carpet Cleaning Ringwood prefers identifying & addressing any stains, damage, spots or odour to the carpet so that can does our best cleaning job.

    On-Site Quote

    We are capable of providing solutions to nearly any conditions, which might exist in your carpet. Right before starting any work. We offer a guaranteed on-site quote for all the cleaning services to be given. As said earlier that there are no hidden charges or gimmicks.

    Our Cleaning Services Check it now

    They trust our company and they get our best work, see all our work there. The benefits of such a service, if priced.

    Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

    Both methods of cleaning are good in their own way and have their own benefits. However, below we are trying to differentiate both to get you to understand what method of cleaning will be good for you. 

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is nothing but a technique of carpet cleaning, which revolves around the extraction of hot water; however, there is a great amount of steam involved in this method.

    Truck-mounted hot water extraction machines, which makes use of high pressure for forcing almost boiling hot water into your carpet and then with the help of a strong vacuum, it proceeds to extract out the dirt, water, debris, and so on.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning

    On the other flip, the technique of dry cleaning makes use of a shampoo or dry foam that is poured onto your carpet, offered time to dry and without rinsing, arrested into a vacuum. But much dirty residue is generally left behind in your carpet.

    Sometimes absorbent powder is also used in dry cleaning. A moist absorbent powder is mainly spread throughout your carpets, left to dry and arrested into a vacuum. As the carpets are not rinsed, residue and dirt are left behind. In a nutshell, dry cleaning doesn’t provide you with a thorough cleaning at all.

    Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is a Great Option?

    The advantages of steam carpet cleaning are multiple:

    Extreme Heat 

    The extreme heat does a great job of removing fungus, mould, dust mites, and bacteria. They don’t even stand a chance against the technique of cleaning your carpets. This is the reason why it is believed as the healthiest way to clean a carpet.

    Higher Pressure System 

    The higher-pressure system is another benefit to this specific technique of carpet cleaning. It penetrates down all the way to the surface of the carpet’s fibres, therefore, eliminating dirt, which is embedded there.

    Powerful Vacuum 

    The powerful vacuum sucks up 98% of the wetness, which is left behind, thereby, your carpets are left feeling soggy to the touch; however, not soaking wet.


    Steam carpet cleaning is an outstanding method to clean your carpets. The heat involved is generally above 60c. And this much heat effectively and successfully kills all the germs, bacteria, and other allergens.

    Another advantage of this technique is that it makes use of much less cleaning solutions on your carpets that make it a healthier option for the environment.

    Points Should Be Know Before Going for Steam Cleaning

    When you choose to hire a Ringwood cleaning company to perform steam carpet cleaning, there is absolutely no soapy residue left behind. But make sure that carpet steam cleaning is done properly. Because in case there is soapy residue left from the detergent, which is used, then it would attract dirt, dust, and that would make your carpet become dingy and should be cleaned once more time sooner.

    Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Ringwood?

    We believe that our used carpet cleaning solutions are a more effectual, healthier way to give protection to your carpets. It can easily maintain the look of your carpet and at the same time lessen allergens.

    Our truck-mounted hot water extraction system offers strong suction, which lets us extract deeply rooted dirt and tough stains that can damage, as well as break down your carpet’s fibres.

    We also believe that our expertise, knowledge, skill, and experience help us to become one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Ringwood.

    Benefits of Working with Us

    • Eco-Friendly Cleaning
    • On-Time Services
    • Quality Guarantee
    • Best Price

    So, if you want to avail of world-class and cheap carpet cleaning Ringwood that can restore the look of your favourite carpet, then don’t hesitate to call us. Our representatives would provide you with an obligation-free quote.

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